Integrating Intelligent Geospatial Solutions Into Your Business


About Us

Geospatial Ventures Ltd is a leading systems integrator and expert

consultant in the applications of geospatial technology to real-world

solutions. We identify and develop innovations that can make a step

change in technical capability, capacity and provide deep societal


Our Focus

Our areas of focus include environmental protection, remote and

continuous monitoring, connected and autonomous vehicles, precision

agriculture, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine control and

deep learning


Our Services

We provide solutions that use geospatial technologies. We employ

datasets that have a location or spatial component to them. Geo refers to

the earth and spatial refers to location or how things relate to each other

in size, shape and location, either down here on earth or further out into


Expert Training & Consultancy

  • GNSS & PNT Systems, Technology and Applications

  • CubeSats and Small Satellites Design, Development and Operations

  • Earth Observation 

  • Digital Transformations using Geospatial Technologies

R&D Support

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Product Development

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  • GNSS and PNT 

  • Data Collection and Processing

  • CubeSat Platforms and Applications

  • Bid Development

  • Contract R&D & Test

  • GNSS & PNT Integration

  • Prototyping and Evaluation

  • Testing and Validation

  • Mobile Device Application Development

  • GIS Integration


Our Projects

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The main project objective is to assess the feasibility of developing a constellation of multiple CubeSats and receive daily measurements of the Sea level in smaller coastal areas, primarily in vulnerable regions. Project partners include EnduroSat and the University of Nottingham

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Our Partners

Our partners span the commercial and public sector. They include

satellite data providers, satellite manufacturers, satellite data processors,

Original Equipment Manufacturers and end-users across a multitude of

sectors. Our solutions are enabled by space assets operated by ESA; as

such, GVL continuously promotes the use of those assets in markets

across and beyond Europe.

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